Creating a green oasis at Cowell Library


Creating a green oasis at Cowell Library

A water-wise, sensory garden will soon be transforming the space outside the Cowell Community Library, thanks to support provided through SA Water’s 2023-24 Community Partnerships Program.

Announced as one of the program’s eight recipients, the revitalised outdoor area will use water efficient plants and environmentally friendly gardening practices, including flash watering and a misting system.

SA Water’s annual program provides a total of $75,000 to support grassroots organisations to deliver projects that involve water sustainability, community wellbeing and environmental outcomes across South Australia.

Library Assistant Nicole Turner said the existing outdoor area is currently under utilised due to limited shade, and the new garden will be used to inspire the local community on how to create their own thriving, water efficient garden in Cowell’s hot and dry climate.

“We will be featuring plants that have specially adapted to the region's challenging conditions, with a focus on native varieties that require low-water use,” Nicole said.

“The garden will incorporate underground watering systems to minimise water wastage, use deep mulch to protect the soil and strategically elevate certain sections of the garden to shield plants from the afternoon sun.

“Students will also have the opportunity to visit the garden, fostering a sense of responsibility as they contribute to its upkeep and help with flash watering. By showcasing water-wise techniques, we are aiming to encourage people in the town to create more green spaces and replicate sustainable practices in their own gardens.”

SA Water's Manager of Brand and Community Marketing Kellie McDonald said it’s excited to work with groups like the Cowell Community Library who are also focused on creating sustainable and healthy communities.

“With its accessible location, the garden will be open after-school and on weekends, providing a welcoming space where everyone in the community can connect with nature,” Kellie said.

“A sensory garden is a wonderful resource the whole community will benefit from, with the publicly accessible area beautified and providing opportunities to learn about sustainable gardening techniques.

"Among the other successful initiatives this year are a cool, green home garden exhibition at the Riverland Field Days and replanting of a coastal area helping to re-establish native habitat in the state’s South East.”

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