H2O on the go in Victoria Square


H2O on the go in Victoria Square

The beating heart of Adelaide is now home to its first eye-catching smart fountain, with safe, clean drinking water on tap for thousands of daily Victoria Square pedestrians.

Located on the forecourt of SA Water House, the fountain provides city-goers with a convenient spot to refill their reusable water bottles, or grab a drink on the go.

SA Water General Manager Customers, Strategy and Innovation Anna Jackson said its unique, modern design features make it easier for the community to access and use.

“The new smart fountains we’re installing across the state are designed with accessibility and user experience at its core, encouraging people to bring their bottle with them and refill when they’re out and about,” Anna said.

“Smart technology in the fountains allow their water use to be remotely monitored, generating cleaning and maintenance schedules, and built-in solar lighting keeps them illuminated and easy to find at night, supporting the Adelaide City Council’s ‘Smart City’ project.”

Designed and manufactured in Australia, a low-lying drinking arm bubbler on the side ensures the fountain is child and wheelchair accessible, and an inground dog drinking bowl will keep thirsty pooches satisfied.

As part of its efforts to make tap water more accessible in public spaces, SA Water’s network of smart water fountains continues to grow, with six fountains now in and around Adelaide Oval and five more on the way to the Adelaide Showground in time for this year’s Royal Adelaide Show.

“With around 370 million single-use plastic water bottles making their way to landfill each year, where they take up to 1,000 years to break down, we’re aiming to inspire sustainable behaviour,” Anna said.

“One of the easiest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to build a healthy habit is by bringing your own reusable bottle filled with safe, clean drinking water straight from the tap – with more convenient places to refill, South Australians can lead the way in reducing single-use plastic waste.”





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