Naracoorte depot garden sprouting new life


Naracoorte depot garden sprouting new life

A dozen native plant species are now flourishing around SA Water’s Naracoorte depot, one year after the creation of a water efficient garden to enhance the site’s visual appeal.

Planted in mid-2022, the garden was created with help from the not-for-profit environmental organisation Nature Glenelg Trust, who sourced a range of diverse plants suited to the Naracoorte region.

Nature Glenelg Trust Senior Ecologist Bryan Hayword said it was fantastic to see the growth at the garden, providing a welcome new habitat area for local wildlife, insects and birds.

“The careful selection of species native to the region, such as the Desert Banksia, Kangaroo Grass and Tussock Poa ensures they are suited to local soil and climate conditions,” Bryan said.

“We have installed drip-irrigation to water the garden during warmer months and mulched the entire area helping the plants to thrive throughout the year.

“Ground cover species, Muntries, Elegant Spear-grass, Swamp Flax-lily and Common Everlasting, combine to create a living mulch that retains moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation.”

SA Water's Vegetation Services Specialist Shaun Kennedy said using plants native to the Naracoorte region requires modest irrigation and provides a low maintenance option for gardeners of any skill.

“This compact garden serves as a model for small-scale sustainable gardening that can be adapted by residents in the local area,” Shaun said.

“The depot garden demonstrates how careful gardening choices and plant selection can create a thriving, green and water-efficient space.

“We encourage all local residents to walk past the garden for ideas or visit our website for more information about planting and maintaining a native garden at home.”

The Naracoorte depot joins several other SA Water sites around South Australia that showcase gardening with local native species including the Kauwi Centre at Lonsdale, Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula, Woodside in the Adelaide Hills and Port Pirie on the Spencer Gulf.





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