Owls hooting with delight in Middle River


Owls hooting with delight in Middle River

SA Water is extending its network of nest boxes by installing 16 vital refuges specifically for native owls living in the Middle River Reservoir Reserve on Kangaroo Island.

Six boxes for barn owls and ten for boobook owls are providing a safe and secure environment for the birds calling the reservoir reserve home, contributing to the conservation of local wildlife.

SA Water’s Manager of Land Catchments and Recreation Dr Brooke Swaffer said these 16 boxes are part of a larger program across Kangaroo Island, with a number of owl nest boxes being installed to help the native predator hunt rats and mice, removing a food source for feral cats.

“As the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board continues to work towards eradicating feral cats from Kangaroo Island, owls will naturally prey on introduced mice and rats to help keep the numbers down,” Brooke said.

“Tree hollows have traditionally provided owls and other animals refuge from weather and predators as safe sites for roosting and breeding.

“However, as they take many years to form, the installation of these boxes allows for the instant introduction of habitat.

“The new boxes were meticulously crafted by FauNature to meet the specific requirements of both the barn and boobook owls, ensuring a comfortable and safe space for nesting and raising their young.

“We are also extremely grateful for the time and dedication our reservoir volunteers have provided in helping us paint the nest boxes, along with the many other activities they assist with throughout our reservoir reserves including habitat restoration, wildlife work, community events and fish stocking.

“This initiative highlights our commitment to biodiversity preservation and environmental stewardship, and we are proud to play our part in providing a safe habitat for these beautiful birds to thrive.”

Middle River’s new owl boxes are part of a growing number of nest habitats installed by SA Water throughout South Australia’s Reservoir Reserves, with similar boxes at Myponga and Hope Valley delivering shelter for a variety of native wildlife such as possums and birds.





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