Protecting your pipes from winter frosts


Protecting your pipes from winter frosts

From towels and cardboard boxes to old newspaper, SA Water is encouraging customers to get creative with basic household items to help protect their outdoor water meter and pipes from freezing in winter frosts.

Sub-zero overnight temperatures experienced throughout winter can cause water in the above-ground pipework connecting residential water meters to the SA Water network to freeze, temporarily interrupting water supply to customers until it can thaw out as the temperature rises.

With reports so-far this winter of frozen pipes impacting customers in frost-prone areas, SA Water’s General Manager Customer Deliver Kerry Rowlands said there are simple yet practical measures customers can take to keep their water flowing as normal.

“Much like when people might put on an extra layer of clothing to keep warm in chilly weather, providing some basic insulation to your water meter can make a real difference when the overnight forecast is set to dip below zero,” Kerry said.

“Placing a temporary covering in the form of cardboard boxes, plastic buckets or containers can shelter the meter from the effects of frost, with loose coverings such as towels or newspapers also offering a basic insulation solution to help ensure your morning shower isn’t delayed by frosty pipes.

“When you wake up the next morning, just remember to remove the covering from the meter so it can warm-up throughout the day and still allow our team to easily and safely access the meter for readings should it be required.

“Don’t be tempted to use boiling water from the kettle to fast track the thawing process as this may cause damage to the meter and pipework, but if you have some cold or room temperature water handy in a bucket or jug, this may do the trick.”

Customers affected by any temporary supply interruptions due to frozen pipes may experience discoloured water stirred-up as the ice melts throughout the morning, and this can be easily cleared by running an outside tap for a few minutes.

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