SA’s first ever electric ute charged up on water projects


SA’s first ever electric ute charged up on water projects

One of SA Water’s construction partners – Fulton Hogan – has taken delivery of the first ever electric ute in South Australia, as both organisations work together as part of the water industry’s pioneering shift towards zero net emissions.

Australia’s only pure electric ute on the market, manufacturer LDV’s new eT60, joins Fulton Hogan’s vehicle fleet which is used to travel between sewer infrastructure projects delivered together with SA Water.

Featuring a driving range of 330 kilometres on one charge, the ute is now hitting metropolitan roads to visit sites such as SA Water’s $64 million upgrade of the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Fulton Hogan Utilities General Manager Water Boris Ninkovic said by investing in more sustainable technologies, the industry can meet the demand for infrastructure while engineering out carbon emissions.

“Working with utilities across Australia and New Zealand, we deliver a range of critical infrastructure and like many in our industry, we have relied heavily on diesel to power machinery and our vehicle fleets,” Boris said.

“By leveraging our close relationships with suppliers and keeping in step with the latest product developments, we jumped at the chance to welcome the state’s first fully electric ute into our fleet.

“This is part of an initiative to trial various transport vehicles that have low, or zero, carbon emissions, associated with their use, and driving our new electric ute within metropolitan Adelaide means we can road test it within a smaller area to inform future purchases, while taking advantage of the ute’s range and overnight charging.

“Despite the typically higher cost of purchasing electric vehicles when compared to traditional diesel or petrol vehicles, the combination of reduced fuel and maintenance expenses makes sound economic rationale over the long term – all with zero tailpipe emissions, which is invaluable to the environment.

“We’re incredibly proud to stand together with SA Water and echo their ambitions of transitioning to net zero emissions, helping pave the way for a cleaner and greener future.”

Fulton Hogan are among five major companies working together with SA Water to deliver the utility’s four-year, $1.6 billion capital program, applying their significant construction experience on projects improving water and sewerage services for South Australians.

SA Water’s General Manager of Science and Strategy Nicola Murphy said the water utility has a significant role to play in driving the collective shift toward a low-carbon economy.

“It’s clear one of the most significant challenges facing our organisation is climate change, and it’s vital we have clear and tangible goals towards reducing our carbon footprint for the benefit of our customers and the environment,” Nicola said.

“Sustainably reducing the impact of our operations through initiatives like our significant investment in solar energy generation – with more than 360,000 panels now capturing the sun’s rays – is setting us firmly on the path of achieving net zero emissions.

“We’re also taking small but immediate actions where we can, which has resulted in eight electric vehicles introduced to our light vehicle fleet since 2021, with Fulton Hogan’s latest initiative complementing our own transition to fit-for-purpose electric vehicles.

“As an industry, we have a shared responsibility to pioneer the adoption of sustainable practices to ensure we’ve left no stone unturned in our collective effort to champion the environment across all of our operations.”





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