Sip, socialise and stay refreshed with SA Water’s thirst quenchers


Sip, socialise and stay refreshed with SA Water’s thirst quenchers

Riverland residents will have an easy way to stay hydrated at large community events in the region, thanks to SA Water’s new portable water trailer – or Quench Bench – that’s now available for free hire to the local community.

The Quench Bench provides a convenient and eco-friendly hydration solution at events such as fairs, festivals and sporting games, where there’s access to a mains water connection.

SA Water’s Manager of Brand and Community Marketing Kellie McDonald said having safe, clean tap water readily available when you’re out and about not only provides health benefits, but it’s also good for the environment and your hip pocket.

“Instead of buying single-use plastic bottles of water, you can fill up a reusable bottle for free at our Quench Bench, which has multiple in-built bottle filling spouts,” Kellie said.

“More than 373 million plastic bottles go to landfill every year across Australia, where they take up to 1,000 years to break down. More than 90 per cent of the cost of a bottle of water also comes just from its lid, bottle and label.

“While the Quench Benches are making their debut in the Riverland, as well in the Yorke Peninsula and Port Lincoln, we’ve been working with community groups around South Australia for many years to provide this free offering.

“There are also hundreds of drinking water fountains located right across the state, which connect to our supply network, meaning they provide the same safe drinking water that flows from your tap at home.

“Our smart fountains in particular – like the one at the Riverland Youth Theatre in Renmark – have a ‘water window’ allowing easy filling of a reusable bottle, a foot pedal-operated in-ground dog bowl and a meter to show how many single use plastic bottles have been saved.

“We understand the role water plays in community liveability, and that’s why we’re investing in providing an easy way for everyone to make a more sustainable water choice while they’re out and about.

“If you’re organising an event in the Riverland with more than 1,000 attendees, we encourage you to get in contact with us and put in an application to use our local Quench Bench.

For more information on SA Water’s Quench Benches and to make a booking, visit





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