SA Water goes back-to-back at Australian IoT Awards


SA Water goes back-to-back at Australian IoT Awards

SA Water’s world-leading smart technology is again celebrating success at the Australian Internet of Things (IoT) Awards for the second consecutive year, after the corporation’s industry-leading smart wastewater technology claimed Best Industrial IoT Project for 2019.

Winning two accolades at the 2018 awards ceremony, the success further recognises the step change in customer experience achieved by the utility after rolling out its smart water and wastewater network to manage water and sewer mains across SA.

SA Water’s Senior Manager Asset Management Peter Seltskas said SA Water was honoured to receive the awards and the stamp of approval they bring for the corporation’s pioneering network of IoT technology.

“This is terrific recognition for our team who have worked tirelessly to trial this exciting new technology in our extensive wastewater network and deliver better outcomes for both our customers and the environment,” Peter said.

“We’ve identified and proactively repaired a significant number of leaks in Adelaide’s water delivery network since implementing our smart water network trial in the CBD around two years ago, and it’s exciting that we are already seeing rewards in adapting this exciting IoT technology into our sewers too.”

SA Water’s smart wastewater network uses flow and level sensors to remotely monitor the movement of sewage in the trial area’s wastewater network.

Since installing more than 80 level sensors at Stonyfell in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, five blockages have been detected and cleared, preventing overflow incidents most likely to have occurred during peak periods and preventing any potential impact to the nearby environment.

“By assessing the results at our world-class Operations Control Centre, we can then identify any abnormalities in the network, and ensure we continue to deliver dependable sanitation services for our customers,” Peter said.  

“This award is a strong demonstration of our evolving approach in how we manage assets, and in particular, using precise data and new technologies to better meet our customer’s needs and expectations while gaining a better understanding of the infrastructure itself.”

“We are embracing innovation and new technologies in improving services for customers, and we look forward to further expanding our smart networks across SA into the future.”

SA Water is also piloting other smart wastewater network technology in Gawler, north of Adelaide, where odour detection sensors and weather stations are helping improve the management of odour from the local sewer pipes.

The award is the latest in a string of accolades for SA Water’s smart network projects, including two prizes at the 2018 IoT Awards, and similar accolades at London’s Institute of Asset Management Awards and Tokyo’s International Water Association’s Project Innovation Awards.

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