Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

SA Water's functions and decisions directly affect the public. The Freedom of Information Act 1991 (the FOI Act) makes it possible for you to access information that we hold. It promotes transparency, accountability and helps you to participate in our decision-making.SA Water fully supports the objectives and spirit of the FOI Act, while at the same time recognising stakeholders' right to privacy.

We publish a lot of information on our website, from annual reports to reservoir data. More information about SA Water and the information we hold is available in our Freedom of Information Statement.

Freedom of Information Statistics

In 2016-17 SA Water received 73 new applications for information. Fifteen applications were also carried over from 2015-16, leading to an overall total of 88 applications processed in 2016-17. 

Under the FOI Act, members of Parliament submitted 55 applications for information. The remaining applications were submitted by members of the public, insurance companies and media organisations. 

The outcome of the applications processed during 2016-17 is as follows:

  • Access granted in full - 33
  • Access granted in part - 19
  • Applications refused - 21 (includes applications where documents were either available online or where no documents were discovered within scope of the request).
  • Applications withdrawn - 7
  • Applications brought forward - 7
  • Applications transferred to another Government agency - 1

SA Water processed three applications for internal review.

The South Australian Ombudsman did not receive any requests to review any applications for internal review processed by SA Water.

What documents does SA Water hold?

SA Water holds the following types of documents: 

  • Accounting and financial records
  • Asset management and planning records
  • Corporate and strategic planning records
  • Corporate files including memoranda and minutes on SA Water's operations
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) records
  • Personnel records.

Policy documents available to the public

The following public policies can be found on our policy page. To see our other policies, please contact us.

How do I apply for access?

The type of form you need depends on what you want to access. You can submit your application in person, by post or by email.

Application Forms

How do I lodge my application?

You can lodge your application by email, post, or in person.

  • By
  • By post: The Freedom of Information Officer, SA Water, GPO 1751, Adelaide SA 5001.
  • In person: Ground floor, SA Water House, 250 Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, Adelaide.

How much does it cost?

The fees outlined below are pursuant to Freedom of Information (Fees and Charges) Variation and Freedom of Information Act 1991 - Applicable to Section 13(c), 29(2)(b) and 19(1)(b) and (c).



Application Fee: Access a document


Application Fee: Internal Review


For our work accessing documents about you.

*NOTE: Only the first two hours are free.  SA Water may then charge $12.80 per 15 minutes.


For our work accessing documents that are not about you.


Photocopies (per page)


Transcripts (each)


For all other formats, SA Water will charge the cost of reproduction. This includes photos, x-rays, videos, and CD's.


How do I pay the fees?

Payments can be made by cheque or money order. If you can't do this, please contact us.

When do I need to contact SA Water?

You need to contact us if you:

  • believe our information about a person is incomplete, incorrect, out of date or misleading
  • need to discuss a previous application
  • are following up an application you recently lodged
  • need help to clarify the information you are after
  • need a document in a different format (i.e. Electronically)
  • can't pay by money order or cheque.

Click here to contact us.

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