Commercial water prices

Commercial water prices

Commercial properties include retail trade (shops, shopping centres, department stores and general stores) and wholesale trade (distributors and warehouses where goods are purchased and stored in large quantities, then on-sold to retailers or sellers.)

Water charges are made up of two parts:

  1. A fixed charge for water supply.
  2. A variable charge for water use – the more you use, the more you pay.

Water supply charge

Limiting the average increase for water supply charges to 1.1 per cent (subject to rounding) helps keeps the cost of business low and stable in South Australia.

Since 2020-21 we moved away from property-based water supply charges for most of our customers, to a fixed rate in 2021-22 of $274.40 per year, billed at $68.60 per quarter.

For properties valued more than $10 million, a property-based charge applies. In 2021-22 the quarterly rate in the dollar applied to commercial customers is $0.16275     per $1000 of property value above $10 million.

Water use price

The 2021-22 water use price for commercial customers is now $2.806/kL (or $0.002806 per litre).

Sewerage charge

Sewerage charges for business have been limited to an average increase of 1.1 per cent (subject to rounding). Property rates are set using 2021-22 property values determined by the Valuer General’s Office.

Water and sewerage prices

  • $2.806 per kilolitre of water use
  • $68.60 quarterly water supply charge
  • A property-based quarterly charge of $0.16275 applies per $1000 of property value greater than $10 million     .
  • $73.50 minimum quarterly sewer charge with property-based charges to apply above the minimum.

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