Applications and forms

Applications and forms

You must have a valid authorisation before you can discharge trade waste into the sewer. The form you need to complete depends on the nature of your business.

Before you apply, please read the Restricted Wastewater Acceptance Framework, which outlines the trade waste general policy requirements and authorisation compliance information. The Restricted Wastewater Acceptance Standards outline the common admissible contaminant concentrations discharge limits. You can also read our trade waste guidelines and fact sheets.

Note: Once-off trade waste collections are classified as liquid hauled waste.

Non-complex businesses:

  • animal accommodation
  • auto detailers
  • auto/mechanical repairs
  • auto wreckers
  • bakeries (retail)
  • bakers (small, e.g. cake making)
  • boarding kennels
  • brick cutting
  • butchers
  • cafes, coffee bars/wine bars
  • car yards
  • car yards washing
  • carpet cleaning
  • catteries
  • childcare centres
  • cold stores
  • dental practices/GP clinics
  • earth moving equipment cleaning/maintenance
  • electrical repairs
  • fish processing (small operation)
  • florists
  • foundries (non-heat treatment)
  • fruit and vegetable markets
  • funeral homes (non-embalming)
  • general engineering
  • hotels/motels
  • ice cream retailers
  • laundromats
  • metal fabrication
  • milk distribution depots (not processors)
  • monumental masons
  • motels (with restaurants)
  • nursing homes
  • seafood retailers
  • pasta manufacturing (small)
  • plant/equipment washing
  • plant nurseries
  • potters
  • restaurants
  • schools - high schools
  • shopping centres
  • printers (small)
  • sporting clubs (food preparation)
  • take away food retailers
  • vegetable processing (small operations)
  • vehicle panel repairers
  • vehicle washing
  • veterinary clinics

Complex business

The business that will create the trade waste discharge will need to fill in the form. If you are not the property owner, you will need to work with your property owner to properly allocate the responsibility for plumbing and drainage works and other property management matters. You must apply for authorisation before you engage a licensed plumber to install or modify any required plumbing or fixtures.

How to apply

  1. Check which form you need to complete
  2. Read the requirements for your industry
  3. Complete either the online application or select the correct PDF application form: non-complex business or complex business and complete it and return it to us
  4. Wait about 10 business days for us to process your application.

If we need more information, or your application doesn’t meet all requirements, we may need to arrange a site inspection with you.

Make sure you can meet your authorisation conditions

  • Arrange installation of any pre-treatment fixtures or plumbing modifications that are needed. A licensed plumber must do all these works.
  • Take any other actions to make sure you can meet your authorisation conditions before you start to discharge waste into the sewer.

We will visit your premises to inspect your discharge and to work with you by providing advice and support. Together we can ensure you meet your ongoing authorisation conditions.