eBilling Terms and Conditions

eBilling Terms and Conditions

Billing service

You can elect to have eBilling on your eligible properties at any time.

You can elect one email address per eligible recipient to have eBills sent to.

Only one eBilling email per managing agent is permitted.

All property owners are able to sign up for eBilling for their eligible property, unless you have a managing agent who is managing the property for you.

All email addresses provided for eBilling must be accompanied by a mobile phone number. This is a regulatory requirement so that we may contact you in the event we are unable to deliver your bill.

In some circumstances SA Water may not be able to provide this service to you. For example;

  • If your name is suppressed on your bill
  • If you have special prearranged non-standard billing
  • If your account is cancelled before the next bill
  • Other special circumstance where we cannot provide this service

Bill format

You will receive an email with a summary of your bill. A full version of your bill can be accessed via a link in the email called ‘View PDF'

As a residential customer, you can also view a history of previous bills via the mySAWater portal.


When you select to receive a bill by email, the request may take up to five business days to process.


Your bill for the account you select will be sent to your email address. Please contact us if your details have changed.

Where a bill remains unpaid past the due date, a reminder (final) notice will be sent electronically to the same email address that has been set up to receive the original bill.

Where higher than normal water use is detected, a High Water Use notice will be sent electronically to the same email address that has been set up to receive the bill and other billing communications.

You will receive your eBills in accordance with the normal billing cycle.

You are responsible for

  • ensuring your contact details are up to date
  • ensuring you notify any additional owners or recipients of any changes you make to billing preferences for your property.

Our responsibilities to you

We will endeavour to send your eBill to the nominated email address.

After successive failed delivery attempts, we will endeavour to contact you to advise the eBill could not be delivered and seek an alternative email address.

If we do not hear from you, we will change your SA Water bills and other important billing communications back to paper and send them to the mailing address on your account.

You can resume eBilling again at any time by completing the making the switch form on our website or by logging into your mySAWater account. Residential customers can also provide an updated email address in their mySAWater account.

Cancellation and change of preference

You can stop receiving Bills and other important notices notices at any time.

For residential customers, your preferences can be changed via mySAWater, for all other customers and managing agents, please contact us to update your preferences.

Opting out of eBilling will automatically set your account to paper bills and other bill related communications will also be sent to the mailing address listed on the account. We will not inform any additional owners/recipients when changes are made to how bills are delivered.

As with paper bills, you will cease to receive eBills if you are no longer the owner (or representative of the owner) or the managing agent of the property.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

Unless you tell us otherwise, or these terms and conditions cease to apply, by signing up for eBilling, you agree:

  • The information you have provided to us is true and complete to the best of your knowledge
  • SA Water may refuse this application if:
    • the property is not eligible for eBilling
    • it becomes evident the information provided is incomplete or false
  • That you are authorised to make changes to the nominated account to initiate eBilling:
    • you are the residential property owner, or
    • you are the managing agent, or
    • you are the director, owner/sole-trader, partner or finance/account manager of the property owner organisation
  • You will no longer receive paper bills to your mailing address
  • You understand opting out of eBilling will automatically set your property back to paper bills to be sent to the mailing address listed on the account

The owner of the property is ultimately responsible for the payment of bills, whether they are paper bills or electronic bills.

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