Application checklist

Application checklist

Our Connections Team connect the following services to South Australian properties with available connections:

  • drinking water
  • recycled water
  • sewerage
  • water for fire services

We also offer the following services:

  • portable metered hydrants
  • flow test
  • network analysis

Whether you are applying for a new connection, making alterations to an existing service or want to disconnect, this checklist can help you make sure you have all the information and supporting documents you need to submit an accurate connections application.

Step 1. Use the Connections Estimator Map

Before you apply for your connection, use this map to estimate

  • if a connection service is available in your area
  • where a connection point may exist on your property
  • the distance between your property and the available service

Connections Estimator Map

For more help using the map, please refer to our connections estimator map.

Step 2. Identify connection type

You can nominate the size of service you would like on your application form or we can advise you of the most suitable size.

Connection types and sizes vary depending on your property, where the connection is or will be constructed and the what the connection will be used for. Water connection size options are 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and larger than 50mm, subject to approval.

Service options for wastewater connection sizes are 100mm, 150mm and larger than 150mm. The size of the connection will be determined by the number of fixture units within the property. The size for a standard house is 100mm. 150mm and larger are subject to approval.

More information about the available connection sizes can be found in our Water Metered connection and Sewerage connection fact sheets.

Step 3. Review the site for obstructions and hazards

Before submitting an application it is important to have an awareness of any conditions, obstructions or hazards that exist on your property that may make it difficult for us to connect your services (such as trees, rocks, driveways, and requirements for traffic management).

If difficult construction conditions exist, or your connection from the main to your property is greater than 12 metres, the connection will be considered non-standard and you may be required to pay all of the additional construction costs. Find out more about standard and non standard connections here.

Step 4. Review additional requirements

Depending on the connection you apply for, you may need to provide additional supporting information. This information helps us to assess your connection more accurately and design a solution that meets both Australian standards and your requirements. Review the following forms to see if you need to include them with your application.

Properties on Community Title

A community title agreement is required for single meter, separate meter/s or a manifold with multiple water meters within a community or strata title development. You will need to attach this completed form when you submit your online connection application.

Community Title agreement form

Fire connections

When applying for a fire service connection we need to check water supply and pressure and check the flow volume and pressure of water from a fire plug or street hydrant. When applying for a fire service the results of a Network Analysis and Flow Test must be submitted.

Complete Network Analysis application
Complete Flow Test application

Special characteristics

When assessing your application, we may identify conditions that have an impact on your connection. These are known as special characteristics and if we identify these, we will notify you. If you choose to proceed, your service will be subject to the Special characteristics schedule in addition to SA Water’s Standard customer contract.

Step 5. Estimate fees and charges

There are costs associated with connecting to our network. The fee for a standard connection is determined by the type and size of the water, sewerage or fire service you request.

A $103.00 lodgement fee is payable on submission of water, recycled water, sewerage and fire service applications. This fee covers the costs associated with assessing your application. This this fee will be deducted from the final construction cost if your project goes ahead.

To understand our connections costs, and any additional fees you may be subject to in your application, please see our fees and charges.

Step 6. Collect your supporting documents

Have the following information on hand to make it easier to apply:

  • where you would like your new or altered connection and the distance in meters from either side boundary
  • a site plan of where you would like us to build or move your service on your property
  • for alterations, photographs taken from the road verge showing the current position of the meter and clearly mark where you intend us to move the meter to
  • awareness of any conditions or obstructions that exist at your property that may make it difficult for us to connect your service (such as trees, rocks, driveways, traffic management requirements). Photos of these will help us assess your application
  • the completed forms or checklists that are required in Step 5
  • account or credit card details. A $103.00 fee will be charged at the end of your application

The following guidelines can help you with your photos and diagrams

Step 7. Check contact details

You are eligible to complete a connections application if:

  • you are the owner of the property, or,
  • you are a person authorised by the owner of the property

We will provide all communications to the party who submits this application so it is important to ensure you provide accurate contact information.

It is the responsibility of that party to communicate with the owner/s or occupier/s of the property.

Frequently asked questions

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If you are having trouble preparing your application, please contact our Connections team on 1300 650 951.

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