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Residential water prices

Residential water prices

Regardless of where our customers live, or the cost of providing services, state-wide pricing means most of our customers pay the same price for water. Whether you live in a metropolitan or regional area, you pay the same price per kilolitre as every other residential customer in the state, no matter how much it costs to supply the water to you.

Residential prices apply to properties including houses, maisonettes, home units, retirement homes, flats and strata/community title residences and vacant land.

Water charges are made up of two parts:

  1. A fixed charge for water supply.
  1. A variable charge for water use – the more you use, the more you pay.

Prices for all three tiers of water use and the supply charge have increased by 5.9 per cent (subject to rounding).

Water supply charge

The 2024-25 annual charge for having water supplied to your home is $314.40, billed at $78.60 per quarter.

Water use prices

In 2024-25 the following tiered charges apply.

Tier Use price Price per litre Daily threshold
1 $2.251/kL $0.002251 0 to 383.6 L
2 $3.214/kL $0.003214 383.6 L to 1424.7 L
3 $3.482/kL $0.003482 Above 1424.7 L

See our tips to reduce your water use inside and outside your home.

Why we have a daily threshold

Water bills are calculated using daily thresholds as the number of days between meter readings can vary.

While we endeavour to read meters every 91 days, this is not always practical. For example, if it was 100 days since your last meter reading, the tier 1 threshold for that quarter’s bill is 38.36kL (0.3836kL x 100 days) so all water used up to 38.36kL is charged at tier 1 price. The same approach applies to tier 2 water use.

You can find the date of your meter reads and how much water you used in each tier on page two of your bill.

How much water do you use each day

While there is no right or wrong amount of water to use, an average residential customer uses 180kL per year. The amount you use will depend on:

  • how many people live in your home
  • what water-using appliances (washing machine, dishwasher) you have, their level of water efficiency and how often you use them
  • the size of your property and garden and the type of plants you have in it
  • whether you have a pool
  • the season.

All these factors influence water use. If you would like to reduce your water use see our tips for inside and outside your home.

Recycled water price

Some customers are supplied with recycled water for irrigation or flushing toilets. This recycled water is supplied by dual reticulation, in purple pipes.

The price for recycled water is set at $2.026/kL in 2024-25, which is 90 per cent of the tier 1 water use price.

Charges if you are not connected to the water network

If your property is able to be connected to a water main, you are billed a rating on abuttalcharge. This charge applies even if you are not connected to the water network because the infrastructure has been designed to meet the service needs of your property and so available for you, or future owners, to access.

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