Residential water prices

Residential water prices

There is a state-wide price for most water services. Whether you're in a metropolitan or regional area, you pay the same price per kilolitre (kL: 1 kL equals 1000 litres) as every other residential customer in the state, no matter how much it costs to get the water to you.

If you are looking on tips to reduce your water usage, visit our pages on saving water inside and outside your home.

Your water charges comprise two parts:

  1. A fixed charge for water supply
  2. A variable charge for water use - the more you use, the more you pay.

Water supply charge 

The 2017-18 fee for having water supplied to your home is $73.10 per quarter.

Water use prices 

In 2017-18, the following tiered charges apply.


Usage Charge

Price per Litre

Indicative Quarterly Threshold

Daily Threshold




0 to 30 kL

0 to 0.3288 kL




30 to 130 kL

0.3288 kL to 1.4247 kL




Above 130 kL

Above 1.4247 kL

2017-18 recycled water price

We supply some customers with recycled water. That water is just for irrigation, gardens or flushing toilets. The water is supplied by dual reticulation, in purple pipes.

The price for recycled water is set at $2.083/kL in 2017-18, which is 90% of tier 1 water use prices.

Why do water usage prices for 2017-18 now have 3 decimal places?

Water usage price increases can be sensitive to rounding, especially when rounding to the nearest whole cent (i.e. rounded to two decimal places). To avoid above CPI increases for customers in 2017-18, water usage prices have been rounded to three decimal places.

If bills are quarterly, why is there a daily threshold?

We give you a daily threshold because we know the number of days between meter readings may vary.

What is 'residential'?

Residential properties include houses, maisonettes, home units, flats and strata/community title residences and vacant residential land.

What prices apply to flats and units sharing a meter?

Some blocks of flats or units may have multiple dwellings under a single account. In these cases, normal residential prices apply, except that only the Tier 1 and 2 water-use prices are relevant. The tier 3 price only applies to single dwellings. For blocks of flats, the tier 2 price applies to all use above 30kL per quarter.

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