Irrigation Management Toolkits

Irrigation Management Toolkits

Resources for effective irrigation management

At SA Water we have developed a number of tools to help you manage the irrigation of your open spaces. They help you to maintain your space and to improve its water efficiency.

Two toolkits are available for managers of Irrigated Public Open Space (IPOS). You can read more about IPOS here.

Basic Irrigation Management Toolkit

This toolkit helps with the effective management of water. It can be used for recording and reporting water use on single sites only.

Download and save a copy of the Basic Irrigation Management Toolkit here. [xlsx, 2.3 MB]

Advanced Irrigation Management Toolkit

This toolkit helps with the effective management of water used in irrigation across multiple sites.

Download and save a copy of the Advanced Irrigation Management Toolkit here. [xlsx, 1.7 MB]

IPOS Code of Practice – Best Practice Checklist

The Best Practice Checklist XLSX, 2447.5 KB is a guide to help you achieve best practice in the management of irrigated public open space. The checklist has been developed as part of the Code of Practice - Irrigated Public Open Space. The checklist can be used by organisations to ensure their planning, irrigation and horticultural practices and reporting meet the recommended best practice as outlined in the Code of Practice.

Irrigation Efficiency Checklist

Using the checklist, you assess potential areas for improvement for your site and irrigation system. You can then take the next step of further investigation.

Download and print the Irrigation Efficiency Checklist here. PDF, 593.41 KB [PDF, 599 kB]

Sports Turf Maintenance Guide

This guide was developed and produced in collaboration with the Sports Turf Association of South Australia and TAFE SA's Urrbrae Campus.

It gives you a yearly calendar of maintenance tasks and activities to help you get the best out of your turf. Given the variation in conditions at different locations, it is only a guide – but it's the best place to start.

Download and print the Sports Turf Maintenance Guide here. [PDF, 562 kB]

Audits and Irrigation System Performance

This guide to irrigation audits and assessing system performance explains what to look for when you assess your site. It also explains why audits are important.

Download and print the guide to Irrigation System Performance here. [PDF, 545 kB]

Water Efficiency Toolkits

SA Water provides a toolkit for businesses that take through the first crucial steps in planning for water efficiency.

The plan automatically generates a water efficiency report and action plan for your business. All non-residential businesses can access our business support.

The Water Efficiency Plan Toolkit is free. You can  download the file here [xlsm, 1.1 MB]. Remember to save a copy before you start to use it.

Landscape Irrigation Calculator

****Coming Soon****

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