About one in 10 properties in South Australia contain an easement. An easement is a section of land on your property which gives someone else a legal and specific right to use or access that area of land even though they are not the owner. Easements often include shared driveways, rights to park a vehicle, or the right for utility providers, such as SA Water, and councils to have pipes, drains, and cables on private land and include the right to repair or replace these services.

SA Water's easement use

Where possible, SA Water will always have its water and sewer mains located underground on roads and public land. However in some situations, such as the slope of land, SA Water can provide a better service to all customers if they are placed on private property. If SA Water does do this, it will always try to place these services close to the boundaries to reduce the impact to the property owner.

Easements to SA Water may be for a range of purposes including:

  • sewerage purposes
  • water supply
  • electricity supply
  • right of way
  • cathodic protection
  • a combination of the above

If you have an SA Water easement on your land you may ring SA Water on 1300 650 950 or email propertyservices@sawater.com.au to find out more information.

How to identify an easement

  • Easements are not physically marked, like boundaries are with fences
  • The SA Land Titles Office keeps an electronic copy of all land in the state. This includes details of easements
  • When buying property, you should legally be given a 'Register Search' and 'Form 1' which will have details on any easements
  • By SA Water naving an easement, it may not actually have pipes with it. It could be land for future pipe laying, or pipework which is no longer in use
  • If you aren't sure whether your property contains an easement, check the certificate of title. For more information on how to do this, visit sa.gov.au.

How SA Water use easements

Unless there is an issue, SA Water will not need to access any easements on your property. However, if something does go wrong, SA Water may need to access the easement very quickly. Therefore, solid structures, such as walls, sheds or pergolas, must not be built on easements. Flowers, plants, and certain trees are fine. 

For more information about easements, and what you need to know, download and read Encroachment Over Easements.

Inside your SA Water easement

Most of the time, your easement will contain water or wastewater. However, some easements may be reserved for future pipelwork, or may contain pipes that are no longer in use.

Removal of an SA Water easement

You are able to speak to SA Water about any unused easements. Please note that fees are applicable for this investigation. To begin the process, please ring SA Water on 1300 650 950 or email propertyservices@sawater.com.au

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