Engineering Standards

Engineering Standards

SA Water currently operate more than $6 billion of South Australian engineering infrastructure consisting of water and wastewater assets, including pipelines, pumping stations, treatment plants, reservoirs and tanks.

A suite of  Engineering Standard documents (i.e. Standards, Guidelines and Drawings) have been developed to assist in the design, development, maintenance and management of our infrastructure.

Document Re-numbering

SA Water will be changing numbers of all standards and guidelines as documents are modified. Please refer to the attached Notification for full details.

Document Re-numbering Information


Technical Standards

Technical Standards define SA Water's requirements for the construction and modification to SA Water assets. It is intended that technical standards form part of the construction contract documentation and are contractually binding.

Technical Guidelines

Guidelines are intended to inform the designer of principles and practices to be applied to the construction and modification of SA Water assets. Guidelines cover the design of particular types of infrastructure (such as pumping stations) as well as systems (such as electrical and computer-based) and are applicable to all infrastructure types. It is intended that technical guidelines form part of the project contract documentation and the principles and practices they specify are contractually binding upon designers and constructors.

Standard Drawings

Standard Drawings define SA Water's requirements for the construction and modification to SA Water assets. It is intended that standard drawings form part of the construction contract documentation and are contractually binding.

Typical Drawings

Typical drawings are intended to inform the designer of SA Water's Engineering Standards which may be one acceptable method, or SA Water's preferred method of complying with Engineering Standards. Typical drawings are generally specific to types of infrastructure. Typical drawings may be used by designers as a base to develop their own designs. They are not to be used as construction documents and must be reviewed and modified, as required, by designers to produce project specific design drawings for construction. SA Water accept no responsibility for contractor designs based on typical drawings or assets constructed to typical drawings.

Dispensation Request

Dispensation’s should be requested in the following circumstances;

  • If a Designer becomes aware of a potential issue with a development (prior to construction), where they will be required to issue design drawings that are not in compliance with our standards or drawings. In these instances, they can request a dispensation from Engineering and after consideration, this will be approved or declined.
  • If a Superintendent (Developers’ representative) becomes aware of an upcoming issue with a development (prior to construction), that is at variance with our standards or approved design drawings, they can request a dispensation from Engineering and after consideration, this will be approved or declined.
  • In situations where infrastructure fails any Inspection and it is discovered that the construction is not as designed and SA Water dispensation has not been approved, the Developers Superintendent shall notify the construction contractor to rectify the construction in relation to structural details, materials and/or quality of work, to ensure design discrepancies are rectified (in compliance with clauses 2.4 and 4 of Annexure D of the Developer Agreement). Follow-up compliance audits will then be undertaken, by SA Water - Construction Services Technical Officers. Only by exception, can a dispensation be requested via Engineering at this stage. However, there is no guarantee that any dispensation request will be approved.

Note: In situations where infrastructure is constructed and a dispensation had not been approved prior to construction, a Non-Conformance Request needs to be submitted to SA Water - Construction Services Technical Officers.

Complete the Dispensation Request Form to apply for dispensation of a clause within an SA Water Standard.

On completion of the Form, including supporting documentation and identification of risks the Dispensation Request Form is to be emailed to the relevant Principle Engineer within SA Water.

The Principal Engineer will assess the request before notifying the initiator of the granting or decline of the dispensation application.

Note: It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure they apply the latest engineering documentation is used by the contractor when engaged on an SA Water project.

For information regarding SA Water's Engineering Standards please contact:

Matthew Davis
Manager Engineering Quality and Innovation
250 Victoria Square, ADELAIDE SA 5000
GPO Box 1751, ADELAIDE SA 5001
Phone: (08) 7424 2491

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