Land Development Agreements

Land Development Agreements

A Land Development Agreement is a contract between us and a property developer to construct water, wastewater, and recycled water infrastructure. You need a Land Development Agreement when you create a new public road as part of a development. If you just need to extend mains, then a Land Development Agreement is optional.

We will help to determine the water, wastewater, and recycled water infrastructure needed to support new residential, commercial, or industrial allotments. As the developer creating those allotments, you will pay the costs of constructing this infrastructure.

When you sign a Land Development Agreement with us, you must engage an accredited consulting engineer to prepare detailed infrastructure designs and an accredited civil contractor to construct the infrastructure.

The Land Development Agreement has 6 documents that include:

The DAFI is the only document we issue. All Annexure documents are to be read in conjunction with the DAFI and are linked above.

Schedule 1 of the DAFI is required to be completed and signed by the Developer before we issue a tax invoice.

A commencement date is required. If works have not commenced by this date, we may review the operation of the Land Development Agreement.

Every construction project must have a Superintendent appointed as the primary point of contact. Roles, responsibilities and duties of the Superintendent are detailed in Annexure D - Role of Superintendent.

Land Development Agreements signed before July 2017 will not be affected however we may transition dormant Land Development Agreements to the new format if it is beneficial to both parties.

How to apply for a Land Development Agreement

You or your representative (typically your surveyor) must lodge your proposed plan of division with the  Development Assessment Commission (DAC). The DAC will process your application and forward it to us for comment.

When we have established your requirements we will advise DAC and forward these requirements to you or your representative in the form of a letter.

What do I need to provide?

To start the process, you need to give us:

  1. The name (developer or company) in which the Land Development Agreement documentation will be issued
  2. The registered address of the company OR the residential address of the individuals
  3. Staging details (if applicable)
  4. The consulting engineer's name and address.

For more information please download and read our guidelines

Land Development Agreement Fees

Drinking Water and Recycled Water – Administration, Design and Documentation

Level 1 Consultant*$1,768 + $2.84 per meter
Level 2 Consultant*$2,576 + $2.84 per meter
Contract Examination and Inspections Fee*$567 + $3.49 per meter
Administration Fee for Link-up$184.00

Sewerage – Administration, Design and Documentation

Level 1 Consultant*$2,904 + $2.84 per meter
Level 2 Consultant*$4,275 + $2.84 per meter
Contract Examination and Inspections Fee*$509 + $4.65 per meter
Administration Fee for Link-up$73.50

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