Trade Waste Application

Trade Waste Application

Trade waste authorisation process

All customers are required to have a trade waste discharge authorisation before discharging any trade waste to sewer.
The trade waste discharge authorisation details the conditions you need to meet before you discharge to the sewer.
We will work with you to review and verify the suitability of the pre-treatment system. We will visit your premises to inspect your discharge and to work with you by providing advice and support. Together we can ensure you meet your ongoing authorisation conditions.

Where the installation meets our full requirements, your trade waste discharge authorisation will be provided or extended. If the pre-treatment installation does not meet your requirements, amendments or maintenance will need to be made to the pre-treatment system before trade waste discharge authorisation is provided or extended. We keep copies of trade waste discharge authorisations as required under the Water Industry Act 2012.

Important documentation

- Before completing this application, please read the Restricted Wastewater-Acceptance Framework on our website. This framework outlines the trade waste general policy requirements and has important authorisation compliance information.
- You must provide full details and accurate information in your application.
- The Restricted Wastewater Acceptance Standards provides information about contaminant concentrations admissible limits. The standards also contain detail about other water characteristics we accept in our sewerage system.
- The Trade Waste Guidelines and Fact Sheets offer information about your specific business type requirements.
- A site plan showing details of the plumbing and pre-treatment layout must accompany this application.
- If there were no plumbing changes, the site plan is not required


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What does this application relate to?

What is your business type?

Make a summary list of the process which produces wastewater for discharge to sewer applicable to your type of business.

Waste fixtures and appliances


Waste fixtures and appliances


Other device / fixtures

Please enter your business hours and some extra information
  Business hours Estimated number of meals / coffees per day (if applicable) Max seating capacity, internal and external (if applicable)
Monday to Friday


Please indicate estimated daily production output (if applicable)

State proposed activity and list onsite processes, and any extra details not already explained
Dentistry Information
X ray process*
Onsite lab work*
Vehicle Services Info
Is there an unroofed area? * (Stormwater intrustion)
Processes *
Number of wash bays*
Describe the type of business carried out on site

Please indicate estimated daily production output (if applicable)

Describe the fixtures and activities on the site which produce wastewater for discharge to sewer For example: sinks, dishwashers, potato peeler, sterilisers, bin wash.
Waste fixture and equipment Quantity
Please select all contaminants likely to be present in the trade waste to be discharged to sewer.

Details of proposed pre-treatment systems
(if applicable)

Waste Water Discharge
Discharged to sewer by
litres per second
hours per day

Shared Pretreatment
Is pre-treatment device shared with another business?
Please note that we will seek the pre-treatment device owner's approval for your business to connect to this device, before approving you rtrade waste discharge application.
Business Account
Do you know the business site account number?
include the asterix * if shown
Document Uploads

Please provide us with documents to assist your application

Examples: pre-treatment device drawings, site plans (for new sites or existing undergoing upgrades), safety data sheets for chemicals used on site, food/drinks menus (where applicable) etc.

File formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg

Contact Details
For example, 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide 5000

This application must be completed by the business owner (or authorised person) or if the application is for a company or incorporated body, by the manager or secretary or similar authorised office on behalf of the company or incorporated body.

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