SA Water is committed to building enduring and respectful relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Important in meeting the challenges of the future is recognising our shared history and valuing the knowledge, experience and contribution of the world’s oldest living and continuing culture. Providing opportunities that build sustainable capability for our employees, suppliers and community is something we are committed to achieving.

We support Reconciliation Australia’s aim of closing the life expectancy gap that exists between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians and will work towards this through the delivery of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Reconciliation Statement of Commitment

2017-20 Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan

SA Water Reconciliation Action Plan Infographic (2017-2020)


Aboriginal Branding

This installation enables people to walk in the ancient footsteps of Aboriginal people from around the state – to learn, feel and visualise Aboriginal cultures and understand the significance of waterholes.

Good sources of water mean a lot in Aboriginal cultures. To have good, reliable water means survival - now and into the future for generations to come.


Emu and Kangaroo visit a centuries old waterhole on Kaurna Country. Large stands of stringy bark trees form the eastern border of Kaurna Country while tufts of kangaroo grass grow westerly across the plains.
The Ibis is a significant cultural icon of the Kaurna people that can be found around wet areas. Cultural icons from neighbouring groups radiate out from the flames of the seasonal fires that burn brightly on Kaurna Country to regenerate the landscape.

Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY)

Bush tomatoes blossom and set fruit in abundance throughout the APY Lands. Bush turkey tracks walk across the hot sand. Kangaroo and Emu come together at a desert waterhole to share fresh, cool and clean water.

Far West Coast/Eyre Peninsula

Known as the home of the whale and the shark, the wedge-tailed eagle circle above the tall coastal cliffs and over the native vegetation which shelters the sleepy lizard, while the wild dog makes its way to a deep rockhole in the seemingly flat landscape, which contains fresh, clean water for people and animals to drink.

NE Corner

Amongst the rippled sand dunes, a mound spring continuously bubbles water to the earth’s surface. Sturt’s desert pea spectacularly displays an iconic carpet of red blooms across the landscape, while poached egg daisy flowers glisten in the morning sun near the Queensland border.

Riverland/SE Corner

The pelican circles high above the River Murray, while the hawk flies low to warn the people. The waterholes and interconnected caverns of the south east travel for many miles below the earth’s surface. Wood engravings shine under the moon light and the Southern Cross constellation.

The Artist - Paul Herzich
AILA, Aboriginal Landscape Architect + Visual Artist
Kaurna Traditional Owner of the Adelaide Plains

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