Technical Standards

Technical Standards

01 - General

Responsible: Refer to Document Control Page of Standard
Legacy Number
New Number
TS 95 TS 0100

Requirements for Technical Drawings

CADD Drawing Sheets & Templates
TS 106 TS 0120 Electronic Security Installation Standards
TS 107 TS 0121 Physical Security Site Standards General Definitions. Includes Amendment 1 Relating to Door and Steel Cladding Thickness
TS 149 TS 0131 Asset Hierarchy
TS 151TS 0132 Operating & Maintenance Manuals
TS 152 TS 0133 Requirements for Asset Labelling
TS 155 TS 0101

Safety in Design

N//ATS 0103Survey Requirements Specification
N/ATS 0153Requirements for Automated Assessment

02 - Mechanical & Hydraulics

Responsible: Principal Engineer, Mechanical & Hydraulics  - Mark Stephens
Legacy Number
New Number
TS 27 TS 0202 Bolt Tightening Procedure for Mechanical Plant
TS 59 TS 0201 Specification for EWS Departmental Flanges - 1983 (Reference Specification Only)
TS 112 TS 0200 Process and Instrumentation Diagrams
TS 140TS 0230 Gate and Butterfly Valve Requirements
TS 146b TS 0220 Requirements for Pump Specification, Procurement and Testing and The Preparation of Pump Datasheets
TS 146c TS 0280 Mechanical Requirements for The Commissioning and On-Going Monitoring of Pumps and Associated Equipment
TS 147 TS 0240 Surge Mitigating Infrastructure
TS 157 TS 0270The Design & Construction of Small / Medium Gas Chlorination Systems
TS 159bTS 0204Colour Coding of Pipework

03 - Electrical

Responsible: Principal Engineer, Electrical - Justin Hamra
TS 79TS 0300 Supply and Installation of Low Voltage Electrical Equipment
TS 80 TS 0302 Solar Power Systems
TS 156TS 0340High Voltage Switchgear and Associated Equipment
TS 1000 V1 TS 0350 SCADANet, SCADA and DCS Systems - Functionality
TS 1000 V2 TS 0351 SCADANet, SCADA and DCS Systems – Design Philosophy
TS 1000 V3 TS 0352 SCADANet, SCADA and DCS Systems - Implementation   
TS 1000 V3 Amdt 1 TS 0352 SCADANet, SCADA and DCS Systems - Implementation
TS 1000 V3 Amdt 2 TS 0352 SCADANet, SCADA and DCS Systems - Implementation
TS 1000 V3 Appendix TS 0352 SCADANet, SCADA and DCS Systems - Implementation

04 - Materials Science

Responsible: Principal Engineer, Materials Science - Paul Vince
Legacy Number
New Number
TBATS 0460Liners and Floating Covers for Earth Bank Storages for Potable or Recycled Water
TS 2 TS 0464 PVC Waterstop
TS 15 TS 0401 Protection of Steelwork In Submersible Environments
TS 16 TS 0400 Protection of Steelwork In Atmospheric Environments
TS 18 TS 0402 Protection of Steelwork In Buried Environments
TS 30a TS 0420 Welding Specification – Welding & Welding Procedure Qualification
N/ATS 0440Cathodic Protection Part 1 - Pipelines
TS 54 TS 0462 Supply of Steel Vent Tube Bases and Vent Base Holding Down Bolts
TS 55 TS 0463 The Supply of 305 mm Diameter Welded Steel Vent Tubes
TS 98 TS 0403 Surface Preparation and Protection of Cast Iron Using Potable Water Approved Ceramic Filled Solventless High Build Epoxy
TS 137 TS 0461 Rehabilitation of Concrete  Wastewater Manholes

05 - Reticulation Networks

Responsible: Principal Engineer, Reticulation Networks - Tom Galek
Legacy Number
New Number
N/A TS 0500 Authorised Products for Maintenance of Water & Sewer Systems
N/A TS 0502 Authorised Products for Gravity and Pressure Sewer Systems
N/A TS 0503 Authorised Products for Water Systems
N/A TS 0504 Authorised Products for Packaged Sewer Pumping Stations
N/A TS 0506 Authorised Products for Vacuum Sewer Systems
N/A TS 0507 Authorised Products for Pressure Sewer Systems
TG 128TS 0520Methods of Temporary Storage and Transfer of Sewage
TS 8 TS 0521 Raising and Lowering Access Covers
TG 105TS 0522Allowable Pipe Size, Class and Materials for Reticulation Water Mains
N/ATS 0524

TS 0524 CCTV Inspection of Gravity Sewer Infrastructure

CCTV Acceptance Test Report

06 - Civil

Responsible: Principal Engineer, Civil & Structural - Hany Habib
TS 4 TS 0620 Packing Sand (Pipe Embedment and Trench Fill Sand)
TS 40 TS 0601 Supply and Delivery of 3 mm Crushed Rock Aggregate for Wellpoint Installations
TS 142 TS 0621 Vehicular Cross-Over’s for Above Ground Mains

07 - Structural

Responsible: Principal Engineer, Civil & Structural - Hany Habib
TS 1aTS 0710 Concrete
TS 1bTS 0710 Concrete
TS 3bTS 0710 Concrete
TS 3cTS 0710 Concrete
TS 68TS 0710  Concrete
TS 150 TS 0720  Access Infrastructure for Water Tanks

  • Major faults

  • Reported

  • HMAS Australia Road
  • Henley Beach South
  • 18/12/2017
  • Water Off
  • 18/12/2017 3:26 PM - We are on-site responding to an incident in Henley Beach South. Our crews may remain on site to perform further work. Traffic restrictions may also apply. Reference Number WO:06151098

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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Port Rd
  • Woodville
  • 18/12/2017
  • Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time (water off): 20/12/2017 10:00 AM
    Estimated restore time (water back on): 20/12/2017 02:00 PM

    We’re committed to improving your services and are undertaking maintenance work in Woodville. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted during the above times. Traffic restrictions may also apply.

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