Proactive environmental leadership

Proactive environmental leadership

As a leader in environmental management, and by partnering with our stakeholders, customers and community, we are taking action to adapt to climate change, and finding ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We make decisions that reduce waste and grow opportunities to reuse resources and by-products of our production processes to create environmental benefits.

Zero Cost Energy Future

The Zero Cost Energy Future initiative earned multiple awards in 2022-23. It was presented with the Consult Australia Awards for Excellence in the Superior Sustainability category, the Premier’s Climate Change Council South Australia Climate Leaders Awards in the climate change category, the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards South Australia as a project award, and the Australian Institute of Energy South Australia awards as the South Australian Energy Project of the Year.


Reducing waste and introducing circular economy

To promote sustainability and responsible practices, in 2022-23 we:

  • developed a circular economy approach to guide how we effectively integrate circular practices throughout our operations
  • completed a circular economy procurement project, which involved a comprehensive review of our procurement practices. As a result, we developed a specialised tool to help our people identify products with recycled content suitable for use by our business
  • reused demolition materials for fill projects and improved sorting and separation processes for recycling
  • incorporated recycled aggregates for pipe embedment, reducing our reliance on raw materials. For instance, we used 10 mm and 14 mm recycled aggregates instead of raw materials for pipe embedment in the Tea Tree Gully Sustainable Sewers project.

These achievements are part of our commitment to introducing circular economy into our business for a more sustainable future.

Bolivar’s biogas breaks renewables record

In July 2022, we achieved a record-breaking level of 3,099 megawatt hours of renewable energy generation from biogas at Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant. This surpassed our yearly average of 2,800 megawatt hours and resulted in 112 per cent energy sufficiency for the month, with excess green energy exported to the grid. Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant had an average energy self-sufficiency rate of 95 per cent in 2022-23.

Building bushfire resilience

n 2022-23, our Research team began work to investigate the use of low-cost remote sensors to help measure water quality challenges and other impacts following bushfires. The research will inform future bushfire recovery efforts. In November 2022 we completed a 3-year project, delivered by the University of New South Wales, which conducted research to improve our understanding of the impact of fires on native habitat. The outcomes of this research are now being used to improve prescribed burning methods to reduce the risk of bushfires.

Conservation and restoration of reservoir reserves

In 2022-23 we restored a 24-hectare site at our Millbrook Reservoir Reserve into a thriving open grassy woodland habitat with 82 native plant species and more than 2.2 million native grasses.

The restoration project was recognised with the Environmental Stewardship Award at the 2023 Parks and Leisure Australia South Australia Awards of Excellence.

We made significant progress in reconstructing Eyre Peninsula Blue Gum Woodland and Sheoak Grassy Woodland at Tod Reservoir Reserve on the lower Eyre Peninsula. These on-ground native vegetation offsets cover 12 hectares and biodiversity gains are tracking above target.

Two aerial operations were carried out to remove feral deer and goats from the Mount Bold and Scott Creek area, in collaboration with Landscapes South Australia Hills and Fleurieu, the Department for Environment and Water, and Forestry South Australia. The removal of these animals has a crucial role in safeguarding the region’s biodiversity and facilitating the recovery of vegetation affected by the Cherry Gardens bushfire. The operation in November removed 286 deer and 61 goats, and in June, 375 deer and 12 goats were removed.

As part of an extensive fauna monitoring program, we partnered with a wildlife organisation to remove feral cats from land around Middle River Reservoir on Kangaroo Island, helping protect the endangered southern brown bandicoots and the critically-endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart.

Recycled water for irrigators

This year we reached an in-principal agreement with Willunga Basin Water to enter a new long-term contract through to 2052 for the supply of climate-independent recycled water to around 240 irrigators across the McLaren Vale region, providing water security to Willunga Basin Water customers. Willunga Basin Water supplies about 6,000 megalitres a year of recycled water, which is sourced from and treated at our Aldinga and Christies Beach wastewater treatment plants.

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