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Our reservoirs are our primary water storage areas. They supply homes and businesses across South Australia. The reservoirs don't just fill with rain, we can also use them as storage for River Murray water to help meet customer demand.

At full capacity, our reservoirs can hold almost 200,000 megalitres (ML) of water. This equates to just under a year's supply for metropolitan Adelaide.

How full are they?

We capture daily information about each of our reservoirs in the Mount Lofty Ranges catchment area. Click on individual reservoirs on the map below to learn more about their current volume, history and visiting times.

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Daily consumption level
294 ML
(24hrs to 8am 27/07/2016)
Reservoirs levels this week
  • 75
  • 22



Metro ReservoirMetro Reservoir
Regional ReservoirRegional Reservoir
Waste Water Treatment PlantWaste Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment PlantWater Treatment Plant
Desalination PlantDesalination Plant
Water PipelineWater Pipeline

Capacity, volume and rainfall levels across reservoirs supplying metropolitan Adelaide, compared to last month last year
Metro Reservoir Capacity (GL) Volume today (GL) Volume today (%) Volume this Day last year (GL) Average Volume this month (GL) Rainfall this week (mm)
Barossa 4.44.1954.24.125.8
Happy Valley 12.7129510.310.739
Hope Valley 2.92.7932.62.724.4
Kangaroo Creek 18.710.6573.75.249.2
Little Para 20.911.2549.210.134
Milbrook 15.712.47914.31149.2
Mt Bold 46.545.59814.331.464.2
Myponga 27.627.19822.824.833.6
South Para 44.418.94322.215.333
Warren 4.75.21103.24.550

Can I visit the reservoirs?

Keeping our reservoirs clean is an important part of protecting our water supply. Some of our reservoirs are open to the public to visit but access to the water is restricted. You can see when you can access the sites by clicking on the individual reservoirs on the interactive map or links above.

All reservoirs are  closed on Total Fire Ban Days. They are also closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

For fire ban information, you can follow the Country Fire Service (CFS) on Twitter, visit  their website or download the CFS FireApp for your  smartphone.

Enclosed reservoirs

We have reservoirs at Upper and Lower Paskeville, Upper Wakefield, Knotts Hill, Redbanks, Penneshaw, Nettle Hill and Wattle Park. These reservoirs are fully enclosed and protected, so water loss through seepage and evaporation is minimal. For more information about these reservoirs please contact us.

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  • Major faults

  • Resolved

  • Mannanarie Rd
  • Jamestown
  • 28/07/2016
  • Water Off
  • Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted as we resolve this issue. Traffic restrictions may apply as we work to resolve this issue.

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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Hausler Reserve
  • Parafield Gardens
  • 11/07/2016
  • Maintenance
  • SA Water is working to address odour issues arising from the wastewater network in the Parafield Gardens and Salisbury Downs area, particularly in the vicinity of Whites Road and Kings Road.

    SA Water has engaged the contractor, Waternish, to install two sets of odour treatment units; one at the corner of Whites and Shepherdson Road and one in Hausler Reserve at Teasdale Crescent, Parafield Gardens.

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