Applying for a fishing permit

Applying for a fishing permit


Please use this form to apply for a permit to fish at all SA Water reservoirs, located in Happy Valley, South Para, Myponga, Warren, Bundaleer, Aroona and Beetaloo.

Money raised from fishing permits is re-invested into the management of recreational fishing at our reservoirs, including the fish stocking program.

Please note fishing permits are non-refundable.

Before visiting a reservoir reserve, please check reservoir reserve webpage or the Reservoirs South Australia Facebook page for site notifications and information.

Full Cost Concession
3 day permit $10.80 $8.64
10 day permit $21.60 $17.28
Annual permit $35.75 $28.60

You will need a fishing permit if:

  • You are aged 16 and over
  • You are under the age of 16 and will not be accompanied by an adult with a fishing permit

Important things to know:

  • Fishing is permitted at Happy Valley, South Para, Myponga, Warren, Bundaleer, Aroona and Beetaloo.
  • You will require a copy of your permit and identification when fishing at a reservoir.
  • If using bait, please bring your own. Bait cannot be collected at the reservoir reserve.
  • The use of artificial lures and flies is preferred.
  • The use of burley or fish attractants (including liquid, spray on or scented attractants) is not permitted.
  • The use of baits and any associated netting and trapping is not permitted.
  • Fishing at reservoir reserves is subject to bag and size limits. To view these limits, please check PIRSA's website.
  • Carp, redfin and other prescribed (non-native) species caught must be removed from site and not returned.
  • Fishing permit holders acknowledge and accept that consumption of fish caught in a reservoir is at your own risk.
  • Entry to SA Water’s reservoir reserves is subject to conditions and may be legally enforced.
  • Non-compliance with your recreational fishing permit or site access conditions may result in access being withdrawn, suspended, your permit being cancelled or an expiation.

Before you visit a reservoir reserve, please review our conditions of access.

Before you begin:

  • Fishing permits are offered for people aged 16 years and over on a 3 day, 10 day or annual basis. Concession prices are available.
  • Payment is collected at the end of your application and you will receive an email confirmation with permit details shortly after.
  • We will ask for vehicle registration details for all people listed on the permit. Please have these details available.

The information you provide in this form is subject to SA Water's Privacy Policy.


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Choose permit type

Full Cost Concession
3 day permit $10.80 $8.64
10 day permit $21.60 $17.28
Annual permit $35.75 $28.60
Which permit type would you like to apply for?
Please note that the 3 and 10 day permit are consecutive days.
A maximum of 25 permits can be purchased in a transaction. If more permits are needed, please submit another permit application.

Permit contact details

Please include your contact details in case we need to get in touch regarding your permit request.
You may wish to provide information about people joining you who will not be fishing or group member under the age of 16. However, this information is not mandatory.
Review application

Review permit application

Choose permit type would you like to apply for:

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Permit holders:

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Total cost for permit:
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Contact details:

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