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Deceased estate application

Deceased estate application

Deceased Estate is a term used to describe a deceased person’s property. This form will enable an authorised party to formally notify SA Water of changes to contact details at an address.

If you prefer, you can use the Australian Death Notification Service. This is an online service that lets you notify multiple organisations at once that someone has died, so their accounts can be closed or transferred.

You are able to notify us of a deceased estate if:

  • You are either appointed by the Will, an Executor or where a Will doesn’t exist an Administrator is appointed to act on behalf of the estate.


  • Amending postal details on the advice of an Executor or Administrator can only be done on receipt of documentation confirming that person’s status and confirmation that the customer registered on the SA Water account has died.

Before you begin:

  • We will need to obtain, at the least, a copy of the page that identifies who is making the Will, the page that includes the appointment of the executor as well as the page that has been signed by the deceased person and the two witnesses. The extract showing the appointment of the executor should show the name of the person appointed as the executor so that you can verify that the person making the application has been appointed as the executor. The signing page needs to be viewed in order to verify that the Will has been validly made. In each case the surrounding text can be blacked out if there is some sensitivity to releasing this information so long as you are able to confirm that the pages are from the same document. This process will be helped if only the sensitive information is deleted with the balance of the Will remaining intact. In this respect the names of the person making the Will as stated on the front page and the signing page should coincide. Often the appointment of the executor will be on the same page as the opening statement identifying the person making the Will. A Will does not become effective until death.
  • Objective evidence of death should be provided. The best form of evidence is a copy of the death certificate. Other forms of proof may be a newspaper death notice or a signed letter on letterhead from an undertaker that refers to the death of the deceased. If these indicate that the death has occurred then the actual date of death as advised by the executor can be accepted if the document provided does not state this. As an alternative to extracts from the Will a letter on a legal firm’s letterhead, signed by a legal practitioner stating that an identified customer (stating the customer’s name, address and SA Water account number) has died and that the person named in the letter has been appointed executor or administrator of the estate of the deceased customer.



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Deceased details

Did the deceased have more than 1 account?


Proof of death

Please provide evidence of the deceased's death.

Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg, PDF, PNG

Proof that you are the executor

Please provide a copy of the will or evidence showing you are the executor.

Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg, PDF, PNG

Proof of Appointment / Engagement

Please provide proof of your appointment / engagement.

Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg, PDF, PNG


Ownership of the account

Authorised person

Representative contact details

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