Leakage allowance application

Leakage allowance application

This form is used to apply for a partial refund for wasted water, if there has been a leak at your property that meets the eligibility criteria below.

Residential property owners can streamline their applications for a leakage allowance by logging into mySAWater to complete their application. Registering for mySAWater only takes a few minutes, and it also provides access to ebilling and allows you to update your details immediately online. Register or Login.

You are eligible for a leakage allowance if:

  • The leak was concealed or not easy to see
  • It was repaired or replaced by a licenced plumber with authorised materials
  • You can demonstrate adequate self-repair of the leak including materials used.

The following leaks are not eligible for a leakage allowance application:

  • Hot water systems
  • Above ground irrigation
  • Swimming pools
  • Toilet cisterns
  • Rainwater tanks, water pumps and valves
  • Fixtures (internal and external taps)
  • Where the leak has not been repaired
  • A failing stopcock (meter tap)
  • Evidence of negligence, including failure to renew pipework in poor condition or leaks due to faulty workmanship


  • You must be the owner, managing agent, strata manager or authorised with SA Water to act on behalf of the owner of the property where the leak occurred.
  • The leak must be repaired within four weeks of you noticing the leak or receiving a high water use notice from us.
  • This leakage allowance application must be submitted within six weeks of the date of repair or the next bill issued.

Other conditions that apply to this form:

  • A leakage allowance can only be claimed once every five years for the property you own or live in.
  • Only one leakage allowance can be claimed for issues on vacant land or infrequently occupied properties (eg. holiday homes).
  • Allowances are calculated to account for fifty per cent of lost water due to the leak (based on average usage at the property) and is capped at 600kL.
  • Applications from Strata or Community Titles must come from the secretary or group representative.

Before you begin:

What you will need to complete this application:

  • Your SA Water account number (on the front of your SA Water bill)
  • Your meter number (page two of your SA Water bill)
  • A meter reading taken after the repair date (the black and white numbers, starting from left to right on your meter, including any leading zeros e.g. 004510)
  • A plumber's invoice or written details of repair work undertaken, including materials used and receipts.

The information you provide in this form is subject to SA Water's Privacy Policy.

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Applications can only be submitted by the account holder(s) or authorised parties representing this property address. Please confirm:
It is on the right hand side of the front page of your SA Water bill (Include the * symbol if present).

Leak details


Repair documentation

Were the repairs undertaken by a licensed plumber?
Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg, PDF, doc, docx, PNG
Accepted file formats: jpg, jpeg, PDF, doc, docx, PNG

Meter details

Your water meter number is on the second page of your bill, under the heading 'Meter(s)'. Please take a reading of your meter after repairs have been completed.
Record all the black and white numbers, starting from left to right, including any leading zeros e.g. 004510

Applicant details

The information you provide in this form is subject to SA Water's Privacy Policy.

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